Enroll in winter Electrical and Plumbing apprentice courses, instructor-led online Advanced Career Training and Fundamentals programs, as well as classes beginning last week of February. Stay tuned for details about beekeeping, geneaology, equipment operations, hoisting continuing ed, construction supervisor exam prep and more coming this spring.

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 Smith Adult Community Education (ACE) provides lifelong learners with opportunities to develop hands-on skills and knowledge for employment or just for the fun of it. Instructors are professionals and work as artisans, business owners, educators and masters of their trade. Their enthusiasm is contagious as they share their expertise teaching evening classes and technical workshops.

Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School is an invaluable and incredible resource for both high school students and the local community. The technical/vocational shops are equipped with millions of dollars’ worth of equipment to prepare students to step into a new career.

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