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Culinary Arts



Fall Classes

CategoryClassDayTimeFirst ClassCostIncludes
Computers/TechnologySolidWorks® CADDTuesdays and Thursdays6:00-7:30 pmSeptember 19$2858 classes and access to Solidworks for one year
Computers/TechnologyHTML and CodingWednesdays6:00-8:00 pmSeptember 20$1004 classes
Culinary ArtsGluten Free BakingThursdays6:00-8:30 pmNovember 2$1504 classes (ingredients additional $48)
Culinary ArtsServSafe® Re-CertificationSaturday8:30 am-12:30 pmSeptember 30$1251 class (includes textbook and ServSafe certification exam)
Culinary ArtsServSafe® CertificationSaturdays8:30 am-12:30 pmSeptember 23$1852 classes ((includes textbook and ServSafe certification exam)
Culinary ArtsFarm to Table CookingThursdays6:00-8:30 pmOctober 5$1504 classes (ingredients additional $48)
Culinary ArtsComfort FoodWednesdays6:00-8:30 pmSeptember 20$1504 classes (ingredients additional $72)
Culinary ArtsInternational CuisineWednesdays6:00-8:30 pmOctober 18$1504 classes (ingredients additional $72)
DanceSalsa, Rumba, Cha ChaTuesdays6:30-7:30 pmNovember 7$756 classes
DanceEast Coast Swing, Waltz, Country Two-StepTuesdays6:30-7:30 pmSeptember 19$756 classes
Health CareersPersonal Trainer W.I.T.S.™Tuesdays and Thursdays6:30-8:30 pmSeptember 19$6498 classes and 8 hands-on training sessions at Northampton Athletic Club
Health CareersMedical TerminologyMondays and Wednesdays6:00-9:00 pmSeptember 18$3608 classes
Technical/TradeMachine Shop - LearnCNC™Tuesdays and Thursdays6:00-8:00 pmOctober 3$39512 classes and access to LearnCNC™ for 6 months
Technical/TradeHome RepairsTuesdays7:00-9:00 pmSeptember 19$2107 classes
Technical/TradeBicycle RepairsTuesdays6:00-8:00September 12$1604 classes
Technical/TradeWeldingWednesdays6:00-8:30 pmNovember 29$4506 classes (includes materials)
Technical/TradeOSHA® 10-Hour ConstructionMondays6:00-9:30 pmNovember 6$1503 classes (materials and card additional $18)
Technical/TradeElectrical - MasterTuesdays and Thursdays6:00-9:00 pmSeptember 19$1,200150 hours
Technical/TradeElectrical - JourneymanMondays and Wednesdays6:00-9:00 pmSeptember 18$60075 hours
Technical/TradePlumbing - Tiers 1 through 5Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays6:00-9:00 pmSeptember 18$880110 hours

Smith Adult Community Education (ACE) provides lifelong learners with opportunities to develop hands-on skills and knowledge for employment or just for the fun of it. Instructors are professionals and work as artisans, business owners, educators and masters of their trade. Their enthusiasm is contagious as they share their expertise teaching evening classes and technical workshops.

Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School is an invaluable and incredible resource for both high school students and the local community. The technical/vocational shops are equipped with millions of dollars’ worth of equipment to prepare students to step into a new career.