Wildcrafting and Food Preservation

Together we will approach wild food and “wildcrafting” as an elemental piece of being connected creatures rather than a last ditch survival trick. Learn the brilliance and simplicity of incorporating wild foods in your diet using simple recipes and preservation techniques. Meet common plants that grow abundantly in Western Massachusetts and discover their medicinal actions, processing techniques, nutritional profiles, botany and more!

Practical and hands-on material will be framed in a broader socio-political and historical context of human/plant relationship and ethical stewardship with the land that feeds and heals us. We will taste and discuss a variety of easy and effective ways to preserve the bounty of spring, prioritizing nutrient preservation and flavor. Informative handouts and light, wild food themed refreshments will be provided at each class. Part of class time will include hands-on demonstrations and meeting plants outside.

Classes meet for 2 1/2 hours once every other week for 8 weeks. This series of 4 classes will be taught by Carly Leusner, co-founder of Acorn Kitchen and graduate of Clearpath School of Herbal Medicine.

Time: Alternate Wednesdays, 6:00 – 8:30 pm, April 12, 8 weeks
Location: Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School
Cost: $125 for all four classes