Homeowner Survival Skills

Have you ever wanted to know about preventative maintenance for your boiler, water heater, or plumbing fixtures in general? We can teach you! Is there a weird noise coming from your garbage disposal or sink faucet? We’ll show you how to take it apart and find a solution to the problem. Do your tub and sink drain slowly? We can show you how to properly snake the lines and use a plunger on fixture drains.

This course will cover basic plumbing repairs that the ”Happy Homeowner” can do. This course will teach you about the basic tools all homeowners should have in their arsenal. Hands-on demonstrations on how to use the tool properly and safely will take place. We will cover things like resetting toilets properly, fixing leaky faucets and shower valves, tricks to installing new fixtures, how to fix leaks in various materials of piping; including soldering and brazing techniques. Water heater maintenance, home winterization, and basic backflow prevention will be taught. We may even sprinkle in some basic heating appliance knowledge as well. These classes are designed to instruct on the basics plumbing issues that may arise in one’s home, of course we cannot teach everything there is to know, but we will sure get our feet wet! This Basic Homeowner Survival course is open to all adults of any age. You do not need to be a homeowner to attend. All are welcome.

This class is being taught by Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School (Skills USA champions) plumbing teacher, Armand Lamour. Classes meet for two hours once per week for eight weeks.

Time: Tuesdays, beginning January 17th, 5:30 – 7:30 pm
Location: Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School
Cost: $240 for all 8 classes (plus $30 for materials payable to instructor)

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