The ABC’s of Family Research

We all know something about our families. It’s what we don’t know that’s intriguing.  Genealogical research is becoming very popular and for good reason. Many of us, myself included, were raised with “what you don’t know won’t hurt you”. Thus, we may not know much if anything at all about our great grandparents and beyond. And that includes the families of all of their descendants: the 2nd and 3rd cousins, 3rd great grandparents and the myriad of other relatives. You might be living right next door to a 3rd cousin twice removed!

The research can be simple, or it can be a real challenge. “ABC’s” will guide you along the right path with tips on research on- and off-line. Web sites, archives, attics…wherever the records might be. It has been estimated that only 10% or less of the available material can be accessed on line. And what you can find on line, especially privately uploaded family trees, can be a nightmare of misinformation.

We’ll learn about more than just birth and death certificates, census records, and ships’ manifests. Consider these resources: military records (draft registrations for example), pension records, will and other probate documents, newspaper articles (obituaries, marriage announcements, etc.), court records (some of the easiest ancestors to research were criminals!), family photo albums and diaries, yearbooks, and so much more. The trick, of course is where do you find all these records.

Another topic we can touch on is family stories. Who would like to have a conversation with their own great grandparents? I’m going to assume that would be everybody. Then your job is to tell your family story to hand down to your descendants. There’s a lot to learn so let’s get started!

This course is being taught by Dave Robison, a professional genealogist, owner of Old Bones Genealogy of New England, and president of both the Western Massachusetts Genealogical Society (WMGS) and the Connecticut Society of Genealogists (CSG). He holds a Certificate of Genealogical Research from Boston University and has completed the 18-month ProGen course in Professional Genealogy. Dave has taught dozens of courses in genealogical research at all levels.

Time: Mondays, 6 – 8:30 pm, October 15 – November 5, 2018
Cost: $125

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