Fermented foods have been prepared and enjoyed daily by cultures worldwide for generations. They are teeming with beneficial bacterias and yeasts that balance our digestive system, build our immune system, reduce allergies and benefit a great host of ailments. The modern food system has inhibited our relationship with live foods. Whether you’re in it for the health benefits, the flavor, the preservation, or the craft, making fermented foods at home will empower you, bring you closer to your food, prevent food waste, and save you money.

This series of three classes is being taught by Haberdashery co-founder, Melody Litwin. Classes meet for two hours every other week over the course of six weeks.

Session 1: Fermented Vegetables
In this session we will cover the basics of how lactic acid fermentation works. We will make sauerkraut and naturally fermented pickles in class, and discuss how to make kimchi.

Session 2: Probiotic Beverages
In this session we will learn how to make kombucha (a fermented tea) and water kefir (a natural soda) and taste samples of each.

Session 3: Cultured Dairy
In this session we will make yogurt, kefir, and a simple fresh cheese using both single use and starter cultures.

Participants are heartily encouraged to start fermenting at home as soon as possible! There will be plenty of time to troubleshoot your fermenting projects during class, and we think you will get the most out of class if you are actively fermenting during the course.

Time: Wednesdays, September 21, October 5, and October 19, 5:30 – 7:30 pm
Location: Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School
Cost: $110 ($95 for all three classes plus $15 for materials payable to instructor)

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